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Marco Antonio muniz, popularly known as Marc Anthony was born in 1968 in New York city. Marc Anthony is well known as a songwriter, a great singer, an actor and also as a television producer. He is a great artist of the 1990s and he has sung in both English and in Spanish language. He started his singing career at his early age, where he first became a vocalist in both freestyle and underground New York house music gigs. Marc Anthony was noticed in the music industry when he first released his first Spanish album ‘Otra Nota’ in the year 1993. In 1995, he released another album called ‘Todo asu tiempo’ which became famous all over US and Puerto Rico and he was nominated for the Grammy awards. It is at this time, when Marc Anthony started his acting career and his first movies included ‘Hackers’ ‘Big Night’ and ‘Substitute’. In 1999, he did a concert in the ‘Madison Square Garden’. This concert was televised in HBO, becoming the first salsa album on Billboard 200 chart. Marc Anthony released his first English album in the year 2000, an album called ‘Marc Anthony’. The best hit song on that album was ‘you sang To Me’ which have become famous all over the years. In 2004, Marc Anthony worn two Grammy awards when he came up with a new Latin dance version in the album ‘Valio La Pena’. He acted a drama movie about the life of a great salsa artist in the year 2007. Marc Anthony has acted many other movies such as ‘Man on Fire’ ‘in the times of the Butterflies’ ‘opposite Salma Hayek’ and many others. In 2013. He released his latest salsa album ‘3.0’ which was declared a platinum in the music industry. Anthony have been a great artist of his time and he had been nominated to 6 Grammys awards, where he won two of them.

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